Where to get passport photos in Paris

In this guide we show you how to get a passport or biometric photo in Paris.

A photo kiosk or photographer

Photo kiosk

You can get 35 × 45 mm passport pictures at a photo booth (“photomaton”).

There are photo booth machines all over Paris. Make sure your photo booth is licensed by ANTS. The price can vary between €5-€7 in coins. Once you have paid you simply follow the instructions on the screen. The machine will then print 4 to 5 copies of your preferred photo.

List of photo machines – Google Maps


You can get biometric photos taken by a professional photographer as long as they are licensed by the “Agence nationale des titres sécurisés” (ANTS). These photographers can cost from €25 and up.

List of licensed biometric photo machines and photographers

These biometric photos are accepted by ANTS (“Agence nationale des titres sécurisés”). When applying for a French identity card or passport, you only need to send 1 photo.

At airports, train & metro stations

There are passport photo kiosks at many trains stations and airports around France.

A Paris metro photo booth in front of a white wall
Photo booth in Paris a metro station offering passport photos and other biometric photos

They will be typically located next to the entrance of the station.

French passport photo requirements

If you are applying for a French photo ID, make sure to follow the below format and guidelines set out by the Interior Ministry.

QualityClear image with no folds or damage
Format35 x 45mm
VisibilityProper exposure, no shadow, not black and white
BackgroundLight blue or gray
Head/FaceNo garments, looking straight ahead
ExpressionMouth closed and neutral expression
HairNot covering ears or face
Spectacles and framesPermitted, non tinted lenses
Photo ID standards

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Biometric photos for other countries

If you need a specific format or sized photo, you may have to visit a licensed photographer. This photographer will be able to meet the requirements of whatever biometric photo you need.

Passport photo format by country – snappy snaps