Cinemas with English movies in Paris

This guide helps you find an english cinema in Paris.

What does VOST/VF mean?

When booking a cinema ticket in France you will see three potential annotations; VOST, VO and VF.

  • Firstly, VOST stands for “original version with subtitles” (“Version Originale Sous-Titrée”). This applies to any non-French film that is shown in its original language with French subtitles. In this scenario an English movie will not be dubbed, however if I went to see a Japanese movie, it will be in Japanese with French subtitles.
  • VO stands for “original version” (“Version Originale”), which means the movie is shown in its original language without any subtitles.
  • Finally, VF stands for “French version” (“Version Française”), which means the movie is dubbed in French.

Nonetheless the most common showings are VOST & VF.

List of English cinemas in Paris

Finally, on the map below you will find cinemas that usually screen a mix of movies in English and French (VO/VOST). Generally large cinema chains like UGC and Pathe screen a mix of VF/VOST, however in some neighbhorhoods you may see a higher amount of VF showings.

UGC Cine Cite les Halles – 75001 (1st Arrondissement)

UGC Odéon – 75006 (6th Arrondissement)

UGC Ciné Cité Bercy – 75012 (12th Arrondissement)

UGC Ciné Cité Paris 19  – 75019 (19th Arrondissement)

UGC Cine Cite – 75017 (17th Arrondissement)

UGC Opéra – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

UGC Lyon Bastille – 75012 (12th Arrondissement)

UGC Ciné Cité Rosny – 93110

UGC Normandie – 75008 (8th Arrondissement)

UGC Gobelins– 75013 (13th Arrondissement)

UGC Montparnasse – 75006 (6th Arrondissement)

Pathé Opéra Premier– 75002 (2nd Arrondissement)

Pathe Beaugrenelle  – 75015 (15th Arrondissement)

Pathé Distribution – 75008 (8th Arrondissement)

MK2 Bastille – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)

mk2 Odéon – 75006 (6th Arrondissement)

Gaumont Champs-Élysées  – 75008 (8th Arrondissement)

Europa Cinemas – 75003 (3rd Arrondissement)

Filmothèque du Quartier Latin  – 75005 (5th Arrondissement)

Publicis Cinémas – 75008 (8th Arrondissement)

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