List of English-speaking hair salons and barbers in Paris

Below is a map of English-speaking hair salons in Paris. When you get a haircut, it can be hard to get explain the hairstyle that you want, so it is often easier for expats and tourists to go to a salon or barber where they speak English.

The map below contains both a list of English-speaking hair salons and barbers. Check out the map below to find the one closest to you.

List of hair salons and barbers

Hair Salons

Saravy Paris Montorgueil – 75002 (2nd Arrondissement)

David Mallett – 75002 (2nd Arrondissement)

Space Hair Paris – 75003 (3rd Arrondissement)

Comptoir Coiffure – 75003 (3rd Arrondissement)

Sequence Paris English Speaking Hairdressers – 75005 (5th Arrondissement)

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist In Paris Kassaundra Stephens – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

Le coiffeur du Passage – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

Coiffure Saint Laurent – 75010 (10th Arrondissement)

Nick Clark Hairdressing – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)

VEE PARIS HAIR – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)


Barbe à Bidou 3 – 75003 (3rd Arrondissement)

Les Garçons Barbiers – 75004 (4th Arrondissement)

Azar Barbershop – 75005 (5th Arrondissement)

The Barber of Monge – 75005 (5th Arrondissement)

The Barbière of Paris – Condorcet – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

La Clé du Barbier – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

Grizzly Barber Shop – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)

BARBIER, L’ATELIER DES BARBIERS – 75012 (12th Arrondissement)

Barbe à Bidou Paris 15 – 75015 (15th Arrondissement)

Tag Barber Shop Batignolles – 75017 (17th Arrondissement)

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