List of 24 hour gyms in Paris

Below is a map of 24 hour gyms in Paris. There are not a lot of 24 hour gyms in Paris compared to other cities, however there are some. Fitness Park has two gyms in central Paris that never close.

The map below contains both a list of 24 hour and outdoor public gyms. Check out the map below to find the one closest to you.

List of 24 hour gyms

You can also search for 24-hour gyms on Google Maps.

Indoor 24 Hour Gyms

Circle Movement – 75009 (9th Arrondissement)

COACH INSTITUTE – 75016 (16th Arrondissement)

Fitness Park | République – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)

Fitness Park | Bobigny – 73000

Outdoor Gyms

Aire de Remise en Forme – 75015 (15th Arrondissement)

Orsay Street Workout – 75007 (7th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Albert-Bartholomé – 75015 (15th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Luxembourg Gardens – 75006 (6th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Porte de choisy – 75013 (13th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Louis Lumière – 75020 (20th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Bercy – 75012 (12th Arrondissement)

Street Workout Square Ernest Gouin – 75017 (17th Arrondissement)

Richard Lenoir Green Belt – 75011 (11th Arrondissement)

Joining a gym can be challenging without speaking French.

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