Police and emergency numbers in Paris

If you need the emergency services call 112. If you need the police call 17. All Paris emergency numbers are listed below.

Emergency: 112

Call 112 for an emergency number of any kind (ambulance, fire or police). Operators can speak English and French.

Medical emergency: 15

Contact SAMU on 15 for an ambulance. SAMU stands for Service d’aide médicale urgente (“Service d’aide médicale urgente”). They are responsible for answering emergency calls and dispatching medical responders.

Police and gendarmerie: 17

Call 17 if you need immediate intervention like a robbery or act of violence. For non urgent calls, contact your local police station instead.

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Fire brigade and accident: 18

Contact the firefighters on 18 in incidents of danger like fire, gas leaks or electrocution.

Deaf and hard of hearing for all services: 114

Contact 114 if you have a hearing disability or are hard of hearing. Only accessible by SMS, fax, chat or video.

Emergency shelter: 115

Contact SAMU social on 115 if you are homeless and need support.

Missing child: 116000

Call 116000 if you need to report a missing child.

Outpatient care – On-call doctors: 116117

If you need ambulatory care you can contact on-call doctors on 116117. This telephone number was newly launched in 2018.

Child protection: 119

If you wish to report an incident of child endangerment call 119.

Aeronautical emergency: 191

Contact 191 for aeronautical emergency services if you have concerns regarding an aircraft accident or disappearance of an aircraft.

Emergency at sea or lake: 196

Contact maritime emergency services on 196 if you are a witness or victim of a maritime emergency.

Violence against Women: 3919

If you are a victim or witness of violence against women, call 3919.

Poison control

Contact poison control if you think you may be poisoned.

Suicide prevention: 3114

If you or someone you know needs suicide prevention help, call 3114.

Elder abuse and disability: 3977

Call 3977 if you wish to report abuse or violence against the elderly or disabled.

Heatwave information: 0800 06 66 66

To get the latest updates regarding heatwaves in France, contact 0800 06 66 66.

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