How to dial phone numbers in France

This guide explains the format of French phone numbers and how to call people in France.

French phone number format

Phone numbers in France have 3 parts: the country code, the area code, and the local number.

Exit codeIf calling France from the U.S

When calling a French phone number from the U.S you must write the number with the U.S exit code of 011 followed by the country and the area code.

  • Landline -> 0033 1 23 45 67 89
  • Mobile phone -> 0033 7 12 34 56 78

The country code

France’s country code is +33 or 0033 if dialling from outside of France.

The area code

Paris’s area code is 1. There are only 9 areas codes for France. You must add a 0 before the area code, like 01. There are two special area codes reserved for mobile phone numbers. These are 06 or 07, and they do not depend on the region where the phone is located. A full list of area codes for France can be found here

The local number

The rest of the phone number comes next. For example 12 34 56 78.

How to dial French phone numbers

You can call a French phone number in three different ways, depending on where you are.

Dial the international number

This includes the country code and area code and will work regardless of where you are in the world (except for the U.S where you must add the exit code 011). This is the number you must dial if you are calling from another country. For example:

  • +33 1 12 34 56 78 or 0033 1 12 34 56 78

Dial the national number

This is useful for when you are calling from within France. You simply add a 0 before the area code. For example:

  • 01 12 34 56 78

Dial the local number

If you are within the same area as the phone number, from a landline you call call the local number directly.

  • 12 34 56 78


All of these phone number are the same, but can be dialled differently depending on where you are located when dialling.

  • +33 1 12 34 56 78, 0033 1 12 34 56 78, 01 12 34 56 78 and 12 34 56 78.

How to format French phone numbers

In France, each part of the phone number is separated by a space, and the local phone number is grouped in twos.

When speak aloud a phone number, people say the number grouping of each part, for example a person telling you their mobile number of 07 12 34 56 78 will say “zéro sept, douze, trente-quatre, cinquante-six, soixante-dix-huit“.

Special phone numbers 

Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers in France ->

Toll-free numbers 

The only numbers that are free from both a fixed line and a mobile start with 0800 to 0805. Numbers starting with 0806 to 0809 may be payable, however you will be notified before being connected. The 4-digit numbers commencing with 30 or 31 are also free, whether from a fixed line or mobile.

Premium numbers

Some numbers in France have different rates depending on the service they offer. These are called short or service numbers, and they may start with 08, 10, 32, 36, or 39. Some of these numbers are free, while others may charge you extra or per minute. Generally you will hear the cost before you make the call. Most phone plans do not cover these numbers in their fixed price, so you will see them on your bill.