Power outlets in France

Before moving to France, you should check if your devices will work with a power outlet in France. In this guide we will cover power outlet types, plugs types and voltages.

French power outlet types

French houses and buildings have two types of power outlets, type E and type C.

France has now standardized type E plugs and power outlets, and type C power outlets can no longer be installed in buildings.

However in older buildings it is very common to find type C power outlets. However, type E and Type F plugs are compatible with type C power outlets. This means any Europlug device will work in French power outlets.

Type E (CEE 7/5) French power outlet
A type E French power outlet, also known as CEE 7/5
Type C CEE 7/16 French power outlet
A type C French power outlet, also known as CEE 7/16, or Europlug power outlet

Type E plugs have a hole above two pins for the type E sockets male earthing pin.

French type E plug
A type E plug. This will work in any French power outlet and is grounded

This is a Europlug which is found across many European countries and works with French power outlets.

French type C plug
A type C plug, also known as a Europlug.

France power outlet voltage

French power outlets are 230 Volt, 50 Hz. As long as the device you wish to plug in uses the same voltage and frequency, you will just need to bring a travel adapter.

List of plugs, sockets and voltage by country

World map voltage
A world map of voltages and frequencies
As long as your device is compatible with a 230V, 50Hz input, all you will need is a travel adapter.

Check your device for voltage information, on a laptop it’s either underneath the device or on the charger, or if it’s an appliance it may be on the back of it.

If your device does not support 230V, 50Hz, you will need to bring a travel adapter that has a voltage converter.

Voltage and ampage description on French kitchen appliance
This appliance is compatible because it falls within the voltage and frequency range.