How to find your French tax number

Workers need to have a tax number in France. In this this guide we tell you why you need one, how to apply for one, and where to find it.

The tax number (“numéro fiscal”)

If you are working in France, you need to get a tax ID (“numéro fiscal”) to file your taxes, open a bank account, or access some public services. A tax ID is a unique 13-digit number that identifies you as a taxpayer in France. It is different from other identification numbers such as your social security number (“numéro de sécurité sociale”) or your VAT number (“numéro de TVA”).

Why you need a French tax number

Having a tax ID allows the French tax authorities to calculate your tax liability and issue your tax notices. You need a tax ID to login and manage your taxes on DGFiP.

You are required to have a tax ID if you:

  • Earn income from employment, self-employment, rental property, investments, pensions, or other sources in France
  • Own property or assets in France
  • Receive benefits or allowances from the French government
  • Have children attending school in France
  • Want to open a bank account or apply for a loan in France
  • Want to access some online services of the French tax administration (such as filing your tax return online)

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How to get your tax ID

To get a tax ID, you need to register with the French tax administration (Direction Générale des Finances Publiques or DGFiP). You can do this by filling out this form and dropping it to your local tax office along with a copy of a proof of identity. You will receive an email containing your tax ID within a couple of weeks.

Where to find your tax ID

Once you have received your tax number for France, you can find it on various documents issued by the French tax administration. The easiest place to find it is your online personal account (“espace particulier”) on the website of the DGFiP in the top right hand corner.

Screenshot of the DGFiP platform displaying the tax ID of a user.
You can find your “numero fiscal” on the top right of the DGFiP website.

You can also find your tax ID on:

  • Your income tax notice (“avis d’imposition sur le revenu”)
  • Your property tax notice (“avis d’imposition sur la taxe foncière”)
  • Your income tax declaration form (“déclaration des revenus”)

The online access number (“numéro d’accès en ligne”)

This is a 7-digit electronic tax return number that is only used to log in to your account for the first time. After that it is not needed anymore when logging in. It should not be confused with your 13-digit tax ID.

How to get an online access number

You get your “numéro d’accès en ligne” at the same time as your tax ID, by registering with the DGFiP.

Where to find your tax number

The DFiP will email or post you your “numéro d’accès en ligne” when you first receive your “numero fiscal”. It is also available on your last tax return.

A screenshot of a French tax return, displaying blacked out tax IDs

The VAT number (“numéro de TVA”)

A VAT number (numéro de TVA) is a unique identifier for businesses that are subject to value-added tax (VAT) in France or in the European Union (EU). It is also called “TVA intracommunautaire” or “ID. TVA”. The VAT number consists of the country code FR, followed by two digits to double check the logarithm and the 9 digits of the SIREN number. For example, FR00123456789.

How to get a VAT number

To get a VAT number, you need to register your business on the National Institute of Industrial Property portal.

To register a business you must follow the requirements pertaining to the specific business type you wish to setup. You can learn more about registering a business.

Where to find a business’ VAT number

You can usually find the VAT number of a business either on their website or at the top of their invoice.

If you want to find out the VAT number of another business in France or in the EU, you can use the VIES VAT number validation.